Maui Catering Services

We excel at small to large event catering on Maui.

Maui Catering Items

Just a few of our colorful and
delicious Maui catering items.

Our chefs are skilled at serving large groups for weddings, corporate events, keiki birthday parties, casual barbeques, and any other event that needs special attention. We excel at making even the largest event feel personalized and inviting. Let us show you exactly why we are unparalleled as Maui caterers.

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Our Maui Catering Strengths:

• Out of the Ordinary Appetizers
From filet mignon wrapped melted bleu cheese skewers to avocado halves with fresh Maui ahi poke, we strive to make our first impressions as strong as our last.

• Baking Fresh Bread and Pastries
Nothing is better than flaky homemade focaccia bread to whet appetites.

• Preparing Impressive Salads
Pairing sweet and savory ingredients can make an ordinary salad one of the highlights. Who says salads need to be boring?

• Unforgettable Entrees
We pride ourselves on creating entrees that look as good they taste. We're extremely flexible and will build a menu that suites your individual needs, while always remaining creative and bringing something extra to the table.

• Delicious Desserts
Yes, our Maui chefs have a sweet tooth. Experimenting with different desserts over the years has brought exceptional sweet delights to our guests. Save room, if you can!

• Creative Cocktails
Our Maui bartending services stem from a strong background filled with island concoctions that have pleased tens of thousands of Maui visitors and residents.

• Attentive Service
We're not afraid to bend over backwards for you. Our staff is as flexible as your menu choices. We enjoy our jobs, and enjoy meeting new and interesting people. Chances are, after an event with our staff, you'll come out with some new friendships. We're not ashamed to say that we have some really special people involved here at Maui Executive Catering.

Our Maui Catering Weaknesses:

• We've yet to find something we can't do.

The only real weakness we suffer from would be our inability to produce sub-par catering. We feel each job represents our professionalism, which is why we always put everything we've got into our catering. If you want anything less than perfectionist caterers, you may need to look elsewhere.

If you've experienced our Maui catering and disagree with this statement, please contact us immediately. We've yet to have a bad review, and we plan on holding our record.


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