Maui Boat Catering

Snorkeling Trip CateringWe currently do all of the catering for the Ali'i Nui out of Ma'alaea harbor.

Whether you're looking to cater a snorkeling adventure, sunset cocktail cruise, full dinner cruise, or a private charter, Maui Executive Catering will fill your needs with high quality pupus and entrees that exceed all expectations.

Why be second best to other mediocre boat cruises? Maui has plenty of competition when it comes to different trips out of Maalaea Harbor and Lahaina. If you have the best food to offer, you're sure to get more referrals and sales. After having been on many of the boats, we decided it was time to offer the best catering on the island to the many vessels around.

Dining on a boat doesn't need to be sub-par. Wow your guests with the best.

Call (808) 281-9923 and find out how Maui Executive Catering can turn your trips into the HOT TICKET!


Dinner Cruise Catering

Maui Dinner Cruises

Take advantage of fine dining on your boat!

With better food comes better reviews, and ultimately higher revenues. If you're ticket sales are suffering, you can either advertise more heavily or consider stepping-up the quality of your trips. Once word gets out that you're serving gourmet pupus, entrees, and desserts on your Maui dinner cruise, you can be certain that it will catch on like wild fire.

Concierges and other influential staff on the island are going to send their high-end guests to the best. Increasing your quality without increasing your cost is just smart. Find out how you can become the best Maui dinner cruise with quality, delicious food! Call now (808) 281-9923.